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Welcome to Dr. Elena Izquierdo's web site. . Read more

Dr. Elena Izquierdo

Associate Professor
The University of Texas at El Paso
Dr. Elena Izquierdo is faculty at the University of the Texas at El Paso in Teacher Education (UTEP), and the Program Area Chair for Bilingual/Biliteracy at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Dr. Izquierdo is the previous Chair of the Teacher Education Department and an Associate Professor in the College of Education. In addition, she is a member of the Hispanic Leadership Council (HLC) that serves to support Hispanic students and educators at both the state and federal level, as well as with and through various education and industry associations.
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Literacy Camp

Literacy Camp / Campamento de Lectura


The Teacher Education Literacy Camp at the University of Texas at El Paso! This is a literacy camp for children school years to help students develop their literacy in English or Spanish. University Students in Teacher Education provide one on one tutoring to students from the entire El Paso area districts..

Register here!

/ Fall 2014 Web site
project lead

Project LEAD


Project LEAD: Leadership in English Acquisition, Academic Achievement, and Development A $1.8 million, five-year grant awarded to UTEP by the U.S. Department of Education. Project LEAD’s goal is to build leadership capacity among participants, focusing on transformations in schooling for English learners (ELs).

Learn more...

/ UTEPWeb Site

Literacy Camp Fall 2013

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